Finn show full of fizz

NEIL FINN, Royal Concert Hall

Sean Hewitt

FORMER Crowded House frontman stunned a packed house with a fizzing package
of some of the world's most beguiling pop songwriting.
	Old hands will know just how funny he can be and he hilariously
digressed all over the place, at one point including some unrepeatable remarks
about the bloke behind the bar at one of Nottingham's most famous pubs.
	That's between an impromptu Age of Aquarius and several abortive stabs
at Summer Loving.
	The excellent band were funny, too, particularly bassist Robert Moore, who
seems to have taken over the jester role taken by Paul Hester in Crowded House,
and Irish keyboard man Niall Macken, leaping in with his random banter.
	Playing guitar and drums was Finn's 14-year-old son Liam - happily on
the receiving end of probably some of the least sentimental treatment ever
given to a family member by a rock star.
	But the real nub is this: how many songwriters could stuff a concert
lasting two hours and ten minutes with their own stuff and not include a
single dud?
	And he didn't even do Don't Dream It's Over or Into Temptation.
	The show flew over some strange territory, too.
	At one point, the band went into Luke Perry heavy dub mode, with
drummer Michael Barker's snare drums explosions underpinning the electronic
bleeps of Finn's guitar effects in a Brian Eno version of reggae from Mars.
And it was very loud.  But pretty good.
	His new LP, Try Whistling This, is full of great songs which simply
don't need the hi-tech fiddling-about inflicted on them by the production.
	Every tune sounded better live and the show sent me back to the record
with a new attitude.

This Neil Finn concert review appears courtesy of the Nottingham Evening Post, Oct 5th 1998. He performed at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, UK, on October 3rd 1998.

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