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This site is dedicated to all things musical. On these pages you can find my favourite albums - a small description of each and loads of links to audio samples and videos to see if you think they're worthy to add to your collection. Click on the links above to take you straight to the artist (or if you have frames, click in the top frame to also load relevant links in the bottom frame), or visit my Life Improvement page for more artist links (including things like RealAudio interviews, concerts and more...). Don't forget to click the icons and album covers for related pages, and on the "CD Info" icon for RealAudio snippets of tracks. And not a Spice Girl in sight   ;^)

A brief description of the artists featured:

Sarah McLachlanA beautiful Canadian songstress, with such soft and haunting vocals that you'll find yourself lost in every song...
Lisa LoebThe cutest princess of Folk Rock that ever strummed an acoustic! She's just so adorable...   ;^)
The CorrsThink beautiful sisterly harmonies with a playful Irish fiddle and some top tunes, and you're halfway there. Just listen to their albums to go all the way...
Tara MacLeanNot dissimilar to Sarah, but more reflective. She has a pure voice, and will show you your soul if you let her...
Crowded HouseThe greatest antipodean band that ever walked the Earth. Y' know, the ones that did "Don't Dream It's Over"...Finn is comprised of two of the members (the brothers Neil and Tim Finn, no less), who recorded an album after inspiration from a tranquil Polynesian holiday...Neil Finn's solo album "Try Whistling This" also appears on this page...
Tina ArenaAlso antipodean, this woman sings love songs with a fantastically sparkling voice - the kind that make you want to go out and find your soul-mate right now. Powerful stuff.
Shania TwainThe Queen of Country, you'll be swinging your pants to these top tracks and have a great time whilst you're doing it :^) Go on, let your hair down and party!
Natalie Imbruglia ...-Sigh-...another antipodean (don't these guys ever stop?), whose pop songs are slightly better than any you've ever heard, ever. And I mean that.
AdiemusMiriam Stockley teams up with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to get in the greatest Classical/melisma sounds this side of the Moon. Celtic, tribal, Classical...these albums have it all with much more besides, which is why they'll keep your interest and musical ears peaked with each playing of the shiny silver discs...
Due SouthThis is the first soundtrack to the hit TV series about the Mountie. And it's GREAT. It's got a load of different styles of music on: folk, pop, classical, cultural...and they all blend beautifully together onto one marvellous CD. Go on, follow that link...;^)

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