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Welcome to my home page! This site is dedicated to all things Amiga-y!

Visit my LhA2LZX page - the archive converter written as an AmigaDOS script. And download loads of other cool stuff that I've also created. For free! Bargain.

Here follow links and advice on how to get the most out of 'ye olde vanilla faithfulle':

How Can I Improve My Amiga?

Easy one this.

How Can I Improve My Workbench?

Are you mad? The only sensible option to this is to roam the AmiNET, plucking juicy free programs from its fold like some kind of wild, rabid cyber animal. Yes indeed.

Yes, but which ones should I get?

Aha! Try these tasty morsels for size...

Some other sites to visit:


Amibench - It's here!
The AmiBench. Loads of second-hand stuff for you to peruse, and then buy at knocked-down prices.
The Amiga Web Directory
The Amiga Web Directory, for everything Amiga-related on the Web.

My Other Pages

There. That should keep you occupied for a while. And if it doesn't, go check out my other pages too...

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