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Welcome to my Life Improvement page, chums. It offers advice on Life Improvement as according to me, and lots of links for you to follow. No beating about the bush for my readers there, eh? Marvellous.

Rita's World!

Right. How Can I Improve My Life then?

The simple answer to this is to follow my guidelines, and ignore as many of them as you see fit. The Trash Heap, as Fraggles fans will know, has spoken.

And to help you along on that music thing, here's...

...cunningly disguised as a set of music links...

Some Cracking Music Sites

What's that? You want a collection of links to some great places on the web? Look no further, matey, than the following set they're already calling "The Greatest Collection Of Links To Other Interesting Stuff On The Web, As Decided By Your Mama"...

Other Interesting Stuff

Still not satiated in your thirst for knowledge? Then why not check out my other pages below? Not forgetting, of course, to sign the guestbook before you leave   :^)

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