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This site is the official home of LhA2LZX, the archive converter written (almost) purely as an AmigaDOS script!

Download version 3.2a, and read the .readme

But what's the point of converting files from LhA to LZX?

Because the filesize of LhA2LZX3.lha is 74k, and the filesize of LhA2LZX3.lzx is 49k. Which is two thirds the size. So now you too can enjoy space optimization (you can fit more on disks) and temporal efficiency (it compresses stuff quicker). So now you know.

LZX has the ability to look ahead and compress similar data in multiple files, often saving quite a bit of space, especially in archives which contain different versions of the same program, or if the filetypes are the same (so if the archive contains only icons, the icon header need only be compressed once, instead of compressing it for each file individually). So now you know that, too.

What is LhA2LZX ?

It's a script which enables you to convert all your old LhA archives to LZX archives, which often gives better compression rates. It's all done by requesters, so you don't even have to touch the keyboard. It also will intelligently convert to the smallest file format - so if your original LhA archive was smaller than the new LZX archive, the smaller one will be kept. And since v3.0, you can use it directly from Directory Opus - just select your archives and go!

It's useful because this program is an AmigaDOS script file, which means you can load it into a text viewer/editor and see how it all works. Virtually all of the lines are commented to help you understand more what is happening, and to help you to write your own AmigaDOS scripts.

As of v3.1 there's also a bit of AREXX in there too. Hence the "almost" in the title   ;^)

Requirements for LhA2LZX:

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