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No web site would be complete without the obligatory Links page, so feast upon the best and most comprehensive set of Jamie Benson links. Although, ironically, there's only two Jamie sites - this one and the Official one. If you have a Jamie page, e-mail me and I'll add a link. I should note that many of these links will be secretly ironic.

Where can I find good Jamie Benson web sites?

Official Jamie Benson site The original, the official, this site contains all the info you need to know about Jamie, as well as offering up-to-date news on her goings-on. There's vid clips, sound samples, wallpaper, a gallery and a mailing list.

Where can I find sites which vaguely mention Jamie in some small way?

Web Presence of Eddie Brown No, I've no idea who he is either, but he has a load of live Jamie photo's on his site from some 'Carnival'. How sinister.
Designer Magazine ...interview Jamie in May 2002, asking about such things as upcoming singles, the album and Ronan Keating fans.
Desktop Babes It's, home of top totty wallpaper. And, yes, they have some Hepburn / Jamie Benson wallpaper.
WorldPop - Ones To Watch 'Watch out for Jamie Benson!'
Yahoo! Music ...has two Jamie articles, and I have them for you here: 1, 2
Spirit FM - The Only Choice For South West Sussex See Jamie drop in on the radio station, who's other star guests have included Bobby Davro and Gary Wilmot.
Here Comes Hepburn Not the smallest Hepburn fan-site I've seen, but at least it still exists. Here's Jamie's info page telling us, among other things, how her nickname is 'Dodger'.
Shepherd University Read about Jamie's ability to 'turn sound into energy beams'. Actually, Google threw this one up and it's such a random site I thought I'd add it in to see if anyone's really paying attention. I trawled through 200 sites to get you that link.

Where can I buy Jamie stuff?

CDnow One of the big Internet music stores, they also stock foreign imports and singles.
gemm Want to find some second-hand, promotional and cheap Jamie stuff? CD's, posters, promo photo' name it, it's at gemm. This site allows those cool little backstreet music stores worldwide to advertise their wares, so check regularly and you can pick up some bargains. Bookmark it now! netsounds - similar to gemm but slightly more descriptive, and mainly for UK-based stores.
Click here to buy and sell! - get posters/CDs/magazines featuring Jamie - cheap!
abctones Mobile 'phones are Tools of the Devil™, so burn in the eternal fires of hell with the Invincible ringtone.

Any other sites I should know about?

Hepburnt - the UK discography site of Hepburn, Jamie's former band. See if you can spot the similarity between that site and this.
Richie's Collection of Web sites It's all of my other's, through the ages. Here you'll find the Music Emporium, and similar sites to this one on the Corrs, Sarah McLachlan and Tina Arena. And, of course, not forgetting Richie's Philippa Forrester Gallery...

And how do I link to this site?

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