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I've been transcribing interviews from tape lately, so I thought it would be better to have a main Finn-related page so you can see what's on offer. Below are transcriptions of radio interviews through the years with Crowded House, the Finn brothers and Neil Finn. Just click on the one to access, then send me an e-mail if you thought it was worth it   ;^)

RealAudio Neil Finn interview - from 1998, on KCRW Radio.
Neil Finn interview - from BBC Radio 2, October 10th, 1998
RealAudio Finn Brothers interview - from 1996, on KCRW Radio. There's also a transcript, although not by me.
Neil Finn concert review - of his concert on October 3rd, 1998, at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, UK.
Crowded House interview - from BBC Radio 1, November 1993

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