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Tina Arena links

Appearing here will be Tina-related links - as many as I can find    :^)    I should warn you that the quality of Tina sites is generally quite amazing, so prepare for a feast of the senses and get ready to indulge in a slice of Tina-flavoured heaven.

Fan sites

Sorrento Moon The other discography site, but with details of virtually all the international releases too. Kotaro even has the details of the Australian 7" vinyls from Tina's first album Strong As Steel - well worth a visit    :^)
MMM Tina Arena Website The pages of MMM. News, chat, lyrics, can even send Tina e-cards. Another top site.
Unofficial Tina Arena Troy's pages features a unique gallery, downloadables, the latest news, audio files...the list just keeps going...
Tina Arena Shrine Small but interesting site featuring four Tina pics with mildly humourous comments. Not to be taken seriously but good for a giggle if you've nothing else to do   :^)
The Unofficial Webring Bit of a cheat link this - a list of the sites in the Unofficial Tina Arena Webring. Remember, nothing but the best passes the Bird's Eye...


EpicCenter Tina's site featuring the infamous Bulletin Board (where you can post a note to Tina and other fans), some lovely photo's and also a few video clips...
exPOSEd in THE iZINE Another great iZINE page, this one about Tina and In Deep - an overview of the ethos and a track-by-track desciption. It makes for an interesting read   :^)
Barnstjärnan som blev stor
("The child-star that grew up")
Not too sure about this one as it's in Swedish. What is funny though is finding the only English line. Try it and you'll see what I mean...
Sound World In Store Yes, Tina's visit to Sound World has been captured forever on camera. Check out the photo's of this memorable occassion.
Phonographic Performance Company of Australia See! Tina as she is awarded with the Award for The Most Broadcast Australian Recording Artist (1996). Read! About the copyright laws they uphold and wish to tell you about. Return! Here after about 4 minutes to find more interesting links. etc.
Channel [V] IRC log Tina went on-line before her appearance on Rewind, and here's the transcript. Beware the dubious comments...
dotmusic article A small comparison of Sarah McLachlan's and Tina Arena's entry into the UK market.

Where to buy Tina stuff

gemm Want to find some old, rare and cheap Tina stuff? Singles, albums, 7" name it, it's at gemm.
Redeye ...or "Aussie's own Rare Tina stuff for sale" site. netsounds - similar to gemm but slightly more descriptive, and mainly for UK-based stores.
Click here to buy and sell! - get posters/CDs/photos/videos/magazines featuring Tina - cheap!

My other websites

Talk On Corrners My UK Corrs discography site. Like Strong As Chains, but much more Irish.
The Cabin Of Solitude A calm area set aside to relax, reflect, and read all the exclusive transcripts of Sarah McLachlan interviews I've transcribed, from the British media. Calm, quiet,'s worth visiting just for the atmosphere...and there's a one-hour long RealAudio concert there for you to listen to too...
Richie's Finn-terviews More exclusive transcriptions, this time of Crowded House and Neil Finn-related interviews.
Richie's Music Emporium My original music site featuring my fave albums, obviously featuring Tina.   ;^)
Richie's Collection of Websites ...and this is the whole lot of 'em. Music, interesting links, interviews, a lovely little exclusive gallery of Philippa Forrester and lots lots more...

I'm still building this links page, so if I've missed you off please e-mail me and I'll go visit your page. Pages will appear here when I have time to find them, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated   :^)

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