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Tina Arena gallery

Appearing here will be images I have scanned myself, with the new ones added at the bottom. You shouldn't find these anywhere else on the 'net! Click on them to make them bigger...

Smash Hits pic Smash Hits magazine "Show Me Heaven" lyrics clipping, December 1995
Signed pic Signed photograph from 1995 - Tina looking vampy!
Best pic! Photograph sent to me as a gift, taken by a friend   :^)
Q Magazine Piccie from Q Magazine, October 1998, with the review of the UK version of In Deep
Woman's Day interview "Tina Plays The World" article from Australian magazine Woman's Day. A huge thanks to Emma Stevenson for sending me this :^)
Show Me Heaven advert Show Me Heaven promotional advert, from a 1996 US magazine.
Notre-Dame de Paris stage-show An exclusive photo from Tina's Summer 2000 project Notre-Dame de Paris - a West End musical with Tina playing Esmerelda. Many thanks to the famous photographer Roy Tan for taking this photo and sending it to me!
Notre-Dame de Paris stage-show First picture of Tina from the Notre-Dame de Paris programme.
Notre-Dame de Paris stage-show The main character page for Tina, playing Esmerelda.
Notre-Dame de Paris stage-show Tina sat at the feet of Frollo, played by Daniel Lavoie.
Notre-Dame de Paris stage-show Tina with Garou,who plays Quasimodo. But you can guess that from the photo   :^)

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