Strong As Chains

Woman's Day magazine article

Published February 21st, 2000

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Tina Arena, who is to play the lead female role in the English musical version of Notre Dame De Paris, has let slip a secret fantasy. "I want to live in Provence with the man I love and start the ideal family" she said. And from these pictures, taken in Paris with new mystery man known only as Jeremy, she may not be too far away from living her dream. Tina, 32, has separated and is about to be divorced from her husband Ralph Carr . She was recently quoted as saying "At the moment I'm not very lucky in love" but it now appears love and life is living up for the songstress.

Who magazine article

Published May 1st, 2000

Tina scores 4th out of 25 of the most beautiful people!

"People pay a lot of money to have collagen put in their lips," chuckles songstress Tina Arena. "So I'm lucky in that department, huh?" That perfect pout is hard to ignore, and that chestnut hair and chocolate-brown eyes complete the package of poppet turned sophisticate. In between writing for her next album, Arena, 32, is preparing to play the gypsy Esmeralda ("such a beautiful role") in the Notre Dame de Paris, a new musical opening in London's West End next month. Separated from husband Ralph Carr, the former Young Talent Timer is seeing French sound engineer Jeremy Mathot and has become attached to her "glamorous" European base: "My life's been enriched a helluva lot by having had the experience of living in Paris and immersing myself in French culture." Time out means preparing meals for friends or grooving at a local nightclub. "I think, honestly, the best way to look great is to stay happy."

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