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Tara MacLean

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A Canadian songwriter, these are from the heart - but not all from the lighter side. A pure voice and clear instrumentals make this album great for those quieter and more intimate moments, and she'll open your soul for reflection... Go on, have a listen... "Evidence WAV Movie"
"Let Her Feel The Rain WAV"
"That's Me WAV"
"More WAV
"Silence WAV"
"Red WAV"
"Holy Tears WAV"
"In The Wings WAV"
"If You Could WAV"
"For You WAV"
"Let Her Feel The Rain (acoustic) WAV Movie"

If You See Me (EP)

If You See Me (EP)
This is Tara's only non-album CD to date - an EP released after Silence. Containing 2 remixes, 2 new songs and a live track from Lilith Fair, this CD is an absolute treat. The remixes, Evidence and That's Me, offer a different but pleasing alternative to the album versions (the vocals have been totally re-recorded for the latter). The 2 new songs, Calls To Nothing and If Only, are just amazing - soft, melodious, clear - and you'll play them time and time again. If Only was recorded live from WBCN, and shows that fantastic acoustic quality Tara has. The final track, Evidence live from Lilith Fair, demonstrates Tara's astounding vocals when live. This is a great CD, a true testament to the brilliance of Tara's musical talent.

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