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Sarah McLachlan

Discography CD Info

I think Sarah says it all here WAV. This is one of my fave CD's of all time. The songs here are quite unbelievable, and Sarah's purity of voice shines through on every single track. It's truly stunning. And it's an enhanced multimedia CD too, so you also get to see and hear the interviews and songs if you have a CD-ROM drive, aswell as getting a few extra live movies of Sarah singing such beautifully breathtaking songs as "Angel", and a few others.

There's some reviews of this album here, linked to with kind permission of top fan Dana.

Dana has also reviewed one of Sarah's concerts that she went to see - so now you can read about songs from different albums and see how great Sarah really is!

Sarah talks about the album WAV
"Building A Mystery WAV Movie(pt 1) Movie(pt 2) Movie(pt 3) Movie(pt 4)"
"I Love You WAV"
"Sweet Surrender WAV Movie(pt 1) Movie(pt 2) Movie(pt 3)"
"Adia WAV Movie(pt 1) Movie(pt 2) Movie(pt 3)"
"Do What You Have To Do WAV"
"Witness WAV Movie"
"Angel WAV Movie"
"Black & White WAV"
"Full Of Grace WAV Movie"
"Last Dance WAV Movie"

CD Info
Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff

Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff
The 13 tracks on here are remixes, live versions or songs previously unreleased on any album - aswell as the multimedia video track of "I Will Remember You", a track which is also on this album. It's well worth getting this one, partly because it was only released in Canada, but also as it's a bit of a tribute to Sarah, and makes you feel closer to her and her songs once you've heard the extra tracks and the live ones taken from concerts - a bonus if you don't live in the US! There's a good mix of Sarah's musical history here, spanning all of her four main albums, and it's good to hear the alternatives to the album versions.

Sarah talks about the album WAV
"Dear God WAV"
"I Will Remember You WAV Movie"
"Fear (Lunasol remix) WAV"
"Gloomy Sunday (Live) WAV"
"Full Of Grace WAV"
"Song For A Winter's Night WAV"
"Blue WAV"
"Drawn To The Rhythm (Live) WAV"
"Shelter (Violin Mix) WAV"
"As The End Draws Near (guest vocals) WAV"
"Vox (Extended Remix) WAV"
"Into The Fire (Extended Remix) WAV"
"Possession (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) WAV"

CD Info
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Her acclaimed album from 1993 (the one they took half the excellent due South soundtrack from, in the first season). Many of the songs are performed with few instruments, allowing Sarah's haunting vocals to carry the melody and beautiful harmonies. This is one for those long winter nights...

Sarah talks about the album WAV
"Possession WAV Movie"
"Wait WAV"
"Plenty WAV"
"Good enough WAV Movie"
"Mary WAV"
"Elsewhere WAV"
"Circle WAV"
"Ice WAV"
"Hold On WAV Movie"
"Ice Cream WAV"
"Fear WAV"
"Possession (piano version) Movie"

CD Info
The Freedom Sessions

The Freedom Sessions
An acoustic EP recorded live in the studio, with bonus multimedia section filled with song samples from her previous albums, Sarah describing her world and several videos of her and her band. Some of these versions have to be heard to be believed - the sound of Sarah's soft vocals accompanied solely by piano and acoustic guitar really is something that'll lift you truly out of this world. The songs are those from "Fumbling...", but with a much lighter feel as they were recorded more as the original songs sounded when first written. This CD also has loads of the videos of the songs she released from the first three albums - bargain!

Sarah talks about the album WAV
"Plenty WAV"
"Mary WAV"
"Good Enough WAV Movie"
"Hold On WAV"
"Ice Cream WAV Movie"
"Ice WAV"

CD Info

The second album to spring forth from the marvellous Sarah. This album is certainly different from the first : the songs are tinged with many emotions - sadness, hope, yearning. Best to just listen to some of the samples. And then buy it, of course ;^) "Drawn To The Rhythm WAV Movie"
"Into The Fire Movie"
"The Path of Thorns (Terms) Movie(pt 1) Movie(pt 2)"
"I Will Not Forget You"
"Lost WAV"
"Back Door Man WAV"
"Shelter WAV"
"Black WAV"
"Home WAV"
"Mercy WAV"
"Wear Your Love Like Heaven"

CD Info

The debut album recorded when she was but 19. Perfect as you could imagine. Full of clear vocals and loads of instrumental parts, this album is a bit of a music lover's dream. Songs from here also featured on due South.

Sarah talks about the album WAV
"Out Of The Shadows WAV"
"Vox WAV Movie"
"Strange World WAV"
"Touch WAV"
"Steaming WAV"
"Sad Clown WAV"
"Ben's Song WAV Movie"
"Vox (Extended) WAV"

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