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Imagine a log cabin in the woods. The glistening snow is slowly blanketing the roof, and gently tumbling all around. The only sounds are the logs crackling on the open fire within, and the creaking of the ancient trees without. Starlight softly sparkles through the window, glinting off the fern shapes made by the frost. This is the Cabin of Solitude, where you may come and rest awhile, losing yourself in the thoughts and songs of Sarah McLachlan, which play serenely from the CD player in the corner. Here you may contemplate her music, meditate on her muses, and read about the woman herself. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and choose your room... The Cabin of Solitude picture

Last updated: 22nd April, 2000 inclusion of the European single release of I Will Remember You
Recent updates: 12th April, 2000 major update of the gallery, and inclusion of the UK promo of Angel

Music room Here you'll find sheet music sat upon the piano and guitar stands, the stereo in the corner which plays discs from my rare discography, and also a 1-hour long concert live upon the radio.
Coffee Lounge Sat on the Cabin's coffee table is a collection of exclusive interviews transcribed mainly from the British media.
Gallery The Cabin's walls are filled with exclusive photo's and pictures of Sarah from around the world.
Library The room with all the references - find rare and interesting Sarah pages here collected from all the corners of the globe. Here also is the original Catalogue of Good Albums, Richie's Music Emporium.

All the radio interviews were transcribed by myself, so if you think it was all worth it I'd really appreciate it if you could sign the Cabin's guestbook before you leave

Richie, the keeper of the Cabin, may be contacted here:

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All transcripts were transcribed by myself. E&OE.

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