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Appearing here will be the more interesting or unusual pages I can find...feel free to mail me more...

Lilith Fair Catch Sarah live at Lilith Fair in Florida, December 16, 1997, with these great Quicktime movies.
Stars and Starlets Stephane Desmarquest's extensive site features a huge number of Sarah pages amongst others - search for all your faves!
Inside VH1 This is the page featuring 4 Quicktime movies of Sarah on the Storytellers show from music channel VH1 - and it truly is too good to miss. Don't forget to come back...
Fan's questions SprintChat's on-line forum, where Sarah answered fan's questions on May 28th, 1996.
Rare movies A collection of rare Sarah footage, courtesy of Nitin.
Rare live tracks John Lundell's site, which features live Sarah tracks available for trade.
JamMusic database Canada's premiere music information site, featuring concert reviews.
Derek's page Derek has all the latest info, lyrics, sound clips, movies and anything else you can think of.
Ecstasy - the definitive collection of Sarah McLachlan links No links page is complete without the definitive list of all Sarah pages on the 'net...
Great Canadians - Great Music Well, it seems even the great Ecstasy has finally been surpassed - all kneel to the might of Dave Albano's links page.
Bugjuice Sarah's pages at BMG, featuring amongst other things a live interview and some exclusive Lilith Fair photo's.
Scour.Net feature Lilith Fair features on Scour.Net, with lots of related images, audio and video files.
gemm Want to find some old and cheap Sarah stuff? CD's, posters, videos, press name it, it's at gemm. You should have their page bookmarked   :^) netsounds - similar to gemm but slightly more descriptive, and mainly for UK-based stores.
Click here to buy and sell! - get posters/CDs/magazines featuring Sarah - cheap!

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