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Appearing here on the Cabin's oaken coffee table are interviews with Sarah - transcriptions from magazine and radio.

Telegraph magazine interview An exclusive interview from the UK Telegraph Magazine, October 1998.
"Girls and Guitars" transcript Another exclusive interview - a transcript of the BBC Radio 2 programme, which featured Sarah. First broadcast January 1999.
BBC Radio 2 interview Yet another exclusive interview - this time a transcript from the BBC Radio 2 Rich Allinson Show, from September 14th, 1998.
Grammy 1999 interview This was taken from the Grammy 1999 website and will be kept on the Cabin's coffee table, as it'll be gone from the Grammy website this time next year...
Flare interview This was taken from the Flare website and will also be kept on the Cabin's coffee table. Flare is a monthly Canadian fashion magazine, and offers here a lovely compact interview with Sarah.
Misc snippets Here are a few snippets of info/interviews, transcribed from magazine clippings.

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