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Sarah McLachlan gallery

Here's a collection of exclusive pictures which adorn the walls of the Cabin:

Telegraph Magazine Picture from the Telegraph Magazine contents page
Telegraph Magazine article This is the main interview picture from the article above
Surfacing advert An advert for Surfacing from the British press
Nettwerk catalogue The cover of the current Sarah merchandise catalogue from Nettwerk
Nettwerk catalogue Small picture from the main Nettwerk catalogue
Lilith pic (1)Lilith pic (2) Article from Q Magazine about Lilith Fair
Murmurs advert Postcard advert for Sarah's fan club, Murmurs
Sarah McLachlan with >Sarah with Joan Osborne</TD></TR>
<TR><TD><A HREF=Sarah McLachlan info A picture of Sarah with a short article
Sarah playing live at Lilith Fair Talking With...Sarah McLachlan of Lilith Fair
Sarah playing acoustic guitar live Picture accompanying a list of Sarah's US tour dates from 1998
Sarah McLachlan playing piano live Picture from a review of the book "Women Singer-Songwriters in Their Own Words", edited by Marc Woodworth.
Sarah McLachlan smiling beautifully One of the most beautiful pictures I have of Sarah!

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