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This discography will be filled generally with the more rare of Sarah's releases. For small reviews and sound-bites/videos of her albums, please visit my other site Richie's Music Emporium.

Promo's Interviews
Building A Mystery (UK) Promotional Mirrorball interview (US)
Possession (live - Mirrorball) (UK) Launch CD-ROM (US)
I Will Remember You (live - Mirrorball) (UK)
Lilith Fair - Vols. 2 & 3 (US)
Steaming 12" vinyl (US)
Coalition of Independent Music Stores sampler (US)
Angel (UK)

Rare Ordinary

Surfacing - Limited Edition Gold (Singapore)
Surfacing Bonus disc (Canada)
Nettwerk Sound Sampler vol III (Canada)
Vox 12" vinyl (Canada)
Singles Albums Videos
Adia (UK) Lilith Fair - Vol I Mirrorball
Angel (US) Video Collection 1989-1994
Sweet Surrender (UK?) Fumbling Towards Ecstasy live
Delerium - "Silence" (EU)
I Will Remember You (EU)

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