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No web site would be complete without the obligatory Links page, so feast upon the best and most comprehensive set of Hepburn links. Although, ironically, I can count the number of Hepburn sites on the fingers of one hand. If you have a Hepburn page, e-mail me and I'll add a link.

Where can I find good Hepburn web sites?

Official Hepburn site The original, the official, this site contains all the info you need to know about the girls, as well as offering up-to-date news on their goings-on. You can also send Hepburn e-cards, sign up for the Hepburn mailing list and watch snippets of some of their music video's.
Sarah Davies - Bass Guitarist An incredible website, created by none other than Emma - Sarah's sister! With all the inside info from Sarah herself, this top quality site has all the unofficial interviews, background on Sarah and pictures from Sarah's own collection, as well as downloadables like wallpaper and RealJukebox skins. There's also a guestbook, message board, chat room...plenty of chance to meet other fans, you can spend ages here and you'll come back for more. Bookmark it now!
Hepburn Weblinks Site ...and here's the third and final Hepburn site on the Internet. It was only updated for a month, but there's Hepburn games, biographies, lyrics, interviews, postcards...and then it all turns out to be clever links to everything on the Official site - half of which don't work. Points for effort, sir.

Where can I find sites which vaguely mention the girls in some small way?

Desktop Babes It's Desktop-Babes.com, home of top totty wallpaper. And, yes, they have some Hepburn wallpaper. Bonus.
DreamGirls Wallpaper Another wallpaper site, they've a couple of pictures from the "It's Play Time" interview.
dotmusic dotmusic.com, the home of UK music news. Their Hepburn links page seems to have disappeared of late...

Where can I buy Hepburn stuff?

CDnow One of the big Internet music stores, they also stock foreign imports and singles.
gemm Want to find some second-hand, promotional and cheap Hepburn stuff? CD's, posters, promo photo's...you name it, it's at gemm. This site allows those cool little backstreet music stores worldwide to advertise their wares, so check regularly and you can pick up some bargains. Bookmark it now!
netsounds.com netsounds - similar to gemm but slightly more descriptive, and mainly for UK-based stores.
Click here to buy and sell! eBay.co.uk - get posters/CDs/magazines featuring Hepburn - cheap!

Any other sites I should know about?

Richie's Collection of Web sites It's all of my other's, through the ages. Here you'll find the Music Emporium, and similar sites to this one on the Corrs, Sarah McLachlan and Tina Arena. And, of course, not forgetting Richie's Philippa Forrester Gallery...

And how do I link to this site?

Link to HepburntA fine question, and one that I'm prepared for. Here's a banner for your page - just save the graphic to your web space - and here's the code:
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