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She's Quit!

Just what is life down on the Hepburn camp now that Bev's called it a day? TV Hits caught up with Jamie and Sarah for a quick natter...

So what we wanna know first is, why did Beverley quit Hepburn?

Jamie She wanted to do her own thing. Beverley wants to get into other stuff, I think she'd like to do some presenting.
Sarah It was a shock but we're coping. We've had session drummers in to cover for her on live TV, but we haven't found an official replacement yet.
Jamie But if Robbie Williams could play drums we'd have him without a doubt!

What've you been up to since we last spoke?

Jamie We've been in Europe promoting I Quit, Bugs, and the album. We've just finished the video for our third single, Deep Deep Down, and it's not that East 17 song by the way.

She's Quit! - just the 3 girls now...Click for Hepburn!

Tell us a bit about the video then...

Jamie It's set in deepest, darkest Feltham (near Heathrow airport) - exotic I know!
Sarah We had 15 extras who were on skateboards and pushing trolley's.
Jamie It'll be wicked, the producers are adding special effects so we look like we're in New York, we can't wait!

Where's the nicest place you've visited with work so far?

Sarah I liked Holland the best because they had loads of little tiny windmills!
Jamie Sweden, definitely! That was where I got to meet Robbie. He was doing a gig out there and I got to say hello to him, it was brilliant!

By the way, where's Lisa today?

Sarah She went oft to LA yesterday, without us. She's actually gone with her mate for a few day's holiday, lucky thing! But we're lucky too because we've had a week off, the first break since Christmas. We're heading off to join Lisa tomorrow though!

What are you doing in LA?

Jamie We're shooting the video for the American version of I Quit on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's going to be on the Buffy soundtrack album.

So are you appearing in an episode?

Sarah They've asked us to, but we haven't seen any schedules yet! But our video will star Sarah Michelle Gellar and the rest of the cast.
Jamie I'll be making contacts while I'm out there because I'd love to do a bit of acting. (Adding hastily) I wouldn't leave the band though.

Jamie, what's all this about you snogging Dan Corsi?

Jamie It's not true - honest! What? Where did the rumour start? Erm, Dan and me are just mates, we've been friends for a couple of months now. We met at a party through a mutual friend of ours - sorry to disappoint you but the rumours aren't true!

Is there any romance on the cards then?

Sarah No, but we're on the look out!
Jamie Apparently there's this rumour been going round about me and Bryan from Westlife. What happened was, we were both in Titanic and having this really good conversation, but we kept getting interrupted, so we moved to a quieter room to finish it off - and that was it! How crazy is that?!
Sarah I'm still waiting for my Leo!

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