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TV Hits - November 1999

There's 7 great pictures of the girls in the November 1999 edition of the UK's TV Hits magazine - including an interview and some tour party photo's.

Group photo of Hepburn Snapshot of the girls on the 1999 TV Hits tour.
Group photo of Hepburn with Fierce Fab group photo, with fellow groovesters Fierce. Jamie's look lives up to their name...
Smiling Sarah Hepburn Sarah drinking "tea". Clearly she likes tea, because she is smiling.
Jamie Hepburn with a bloke Jamie's all smiles with this random pop-star bloke. There's even a quote in her own fair handwriting accompanying this picture.
Little letter Short fan letter, from new drummer Tash pretending to be "Louise" from London. You're fooling no-one, girl!
The Floating Head of Sarah Hepburn Floating head Sarah Hepburn describes her love of slapping people publicly.
She's Quit! TV Hits Hepburn interview "And then there were 3..." - this is the main interview picture.

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The images retain copyright of TV Hits magazine.