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This gallery is where you'll find promotional photo's of Hepburn - press photo's, pictures that come with promotional releases, and photo's of the promotional street posters used to advertise the girls' releases! Bet you're glad you came here now, eh?

Press photographs

Group photo of Hepburn - Bugs Fantastic press photo of the original Hepburn, with the Bugs look.
Group photo of Hepburn - I Quit Another nice press photo of the original line-up, with the I Quit look.
Black and white group photo of Hepburn - Bugs Beautiful and classy black and white press photo of the original Hepburn, with the Bugs look.

Promotional posters & postcards

These are photo's taken of the street posters used to promote the current release, and the postcards are from the Hepburn mailing list, which are sent out the time surrounding a new release. Sorry about the quality of these - when I get hold of a digital camera, I'll take better quality snapshots.

12-inch promo card for Deep Deep Down The 12-inch promo card for Deep Deep Down, used for displays. Nice cheesy poster of the Corrs, too :^)
Small Bugs street poster A small street poster advertising the release of the Bugs single, measuring 48cm x 76cm. Buffy appears to be making a guest appearance too.
Bugs, Deep Deep Down and Hepburn posters Three posters in one picture here - there's the small lyric-filled poster that comes with one of the Bugs CD's, the poster that came with one of the Deep Deep Down CD's, and finally the street poster for the album Hepburn; this one measures 50cm x 76cm. Keen-eyed readers may be able to see my reflection in the TV. Fans of my other web sites will also recognise a small framed photo of Tina Arena and a Sarah McLachlan wall calendar.
Promo postcards for the Hepburn album and Deep Deep Down And finally the postcards that advertise the release of the album Hepburn and the Deep Deep Down single. You'll also note some lovely pictures from my other web sites: Sarah McLachlan the night she won 3 Grammy's, and an old signed photo of Philippa Forrester.

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