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Megalab '98 Pic from an article in the Orange telephone magazine, from the time of Tomorrow's World's Megalab '98
Philippa on Robot Wars Robot Wars photo from the same magazine
Philippa In Boots Philippa In Boots, also from the Orange magazine
A Philippa 'Barking Mad' picture As above but a photograph for Barking Mad
Main Philippa interview image The main picture for the interview with Miss Forrester in the Orange magazine
Millennium coverage with Philippa Forrester Philippa advertising the BBC's 28-hour live broadcast of the Millennium happening throughout the world. She was scheduled to watch the final sunset of the last millennium from an RAF Harrier over the Shetland Isles, but Katy Hill took her place instead.
Signed Philippa Forrster photograph The new signed Philippa photo. Another version comes with a purple background.

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