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Welcome to my small but unique gallery of Philippa Forrester pics - free jpg's to download!

Pictures from the days of Children's BBC up to the present day of Tomorrow's World

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Pages last updated: October 2nd, 2000 - new signed photo on page 2!

BBC signed photo of Philippa - official Official signed photograph from the BBC, from the more recent Tomorrow's World era
A Philippa CBBC newspaper pic Old newspaper cutting from the Sunday CBBC days
Megalab '98 picture of Philippa Philippa advertising Megalab '98 from the Times TV supplement
A Philippa 'Fast Forward' poster from CBBC A "Fast Forward" poster, from the CBBC days
'Tomorrow's World' magazine cover picture, featuring a Philippa interview as the main feature Appearance in "Tomorrow's World" magazine, September 1998
'Fast Forward' pic from CBBC of Philippa A tiny pic from "Fast Forward", the CBBC magazine
Front cover picture of the CBBC 'Fast Forward' magazine, with Philippa in the middle Front cover of "Fast Forward" from 1993
Another 'Fast Forward' pic of Philippa From the same "Fast Forward". There's a smaller version here.
Philippa Forrester 'Fast Forward' pic The same again: the article is about getting up in the morning
Another 'Fast Forward' picture, with Philippa Forrester As you can see, Philippa didn't do too well   :^)
Advert for Philippa's new show An advert for Philippa's new show "Barking Mad" on BBC1, from the Telegraph TV supplement, 22nd May, 1999
Philippa in the 1999 Top 100 Philippa features in the "100 sexiest women in the world 1999" supplement of the July 1999 UK For Him Magazine - up 22 places to 42 from last year's 64! Her description reads:

"From matronly beginnings at Newsround and Blue Peter, Philippa has emerged from CBBC's broom cupboard to sex up that bastion of nerd-dom, Tomorrow's World. For some reason it was Philippa squeezed into a short silver dress rather than John Snow's swing-o-meter that graced the cover of the first Tomorrow's World magazine. Robot Wars followed, and any woman who can make science sexy is worth her place in the Top 100"

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