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The Corrs

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Talk On Corners

Talk On Corners
Lord, I got this months ago and I still haven't been able to prise it out of my CD player! The tracks here are wonderful - nothing too heavy to get you down, just some light melodies to put a smile on your face and keep you happy. The rhythms and energy really draw you in, and you can feel yourself getting carried on the wave of the music and the harmonies. If you ever feel like you need some fresh new music, get this album.

(Clever subliminal messaging there, eh?)
Full songs in RealVideo:
"Only When I Sleep"
"When He's Not Around (RA)"
"Dreams (RA)"
"What Can I Do Movie"
"I Never Loved You Anyway Movie"

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Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Forgiven, Not Forgotten
This is their debut album - and it's marvellous! It's a lot more rocky than "Talk On Corners", and manages to mix in a delightful amount of instrumental Irish folk tunes fiddled excellently by Sharon, which are magically accompanied by electric guitar, tin whistle and full string group. This one is beautifully lively enough to get your toes tapping and no mistake. "Erin Shore (Traditional Intro)"
"Forgiven Not Forgotten WAV"
"Heaven Knows"
"Along With The Girls"
"Runaway WAV"
"The Right Time WAV"
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