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Neil Finn

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Try Whistling This

Try Whistling This
Chief bloke of Crowded House goes solo, crafts own album and releases it to masses for worldwide approval. And does it get it? You betcha. Different to CH, you may find some of these tracks a little darker, but there's some top not-very-dark (that'll be "light", then) tunes on here too. So - hey - that's alright, then.

Some of these audio bites are acoustic versions, so you're in for a double treat here!

There's also a limited edition with a bonus CD, featuring 6 extra tracks: Tokyo, Family Ties, She Comes Scattered, Identical Twin, 808 Song and Log Drums
"Last One Standing"
"King Tide"
"Try Whistling This WAV"
"She Will Have Her Way WAV Movie"
"Sinner WAV Movie"
"Twisty Bass"
"Truth WAV"

Crowded House

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Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream
- The Very Best Of Crowded House
The best of the Crowdies' songs on one album. That says all that needs to be said, really. Get this if you haven't already.
Also available is a Limited Edition CD with a bonus live CD - 72 minutes of songs taken from some of the award-winning concerts, and well worth it. Crowded House live really is an experience that no-one should miss - an energy not always heard on some of the album tracks really comes through, and if you turn up the volume and turn down the lights, it's like you're almost there...
"Weather With You Movie"
"World Where You Live"
"Fall At Your Feet"
"Locked Out Movie"
"Don't Dream It's Over"
"Into Temptation Movie"
"Not The Girl You Think You Are"
"Instinct Movie"
"Distant Sun Movie"
"Mean To Me"
Special Edition
You can find an excellent review here

Together Alone

Together Alone
This album is a bit special - some quite moody and rocky tracks on here, but also some more cultural as Maori music and singing is incorporated into them, bringing in a beautiful flavour of meaning and closeness. This works effectively well, and "Together Alone" (the song) is a breathtaking blend of Neil Finn's fabulous soft vocals accompanied by the Te Waka Huia Cultural Group Choir. You won't hear anything quite like this album anywhere else. "Kare Kare"
"In My Command"
"Nails In My Feet"
"Black And White Boy"
"Fingers Of Love"
"Locked Out Movie"
"Distant Sun Movie"
You can find a small review just here. And some more here.

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Temple Of Low Men

Temple Of Low Men
"I'd much rather have a caravan in the hills
than a mansion in the slums..."

This is one of those timeless albums that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. It'll always pick you up and dust you off, and has some incredibly profound lyrics that fit perfectly with the music. And it has some of those songs that you'll be humming to yourself all day, like "Love This Life", and some incredibly toe-tapping ones like "Sister Madly".
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"Into Temptation Movie"

Check out this 40 minute RealAudio interview with the Finn Brothers!


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Brothers Neil and Tim Finn went took a 6 week break on some beautiful Polynesian islands, and came back with the songs for this album. Soft tunes abound in the true-as-always Finn harmony, as well as a few more unusual melodies and sounds of the Pacific that'll leave you feeling warm inside, but with a lingering feeling that something isn't quite right with the world...

This album includes a song about Tim Finn falling over. I kid ye not.
"Only Talking Sense"
"Eyes Of The World"
"Mood Swinging Man"
"Last Day Of June"
"Suffer Never"
"Bullets In My Hairdo"

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