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Songs Of Sanctuary

Songs Of Sanctuary
Just as the name implies - 9 tracks for the moments when sanctuary and solitude are required. Miriam Stockley teams up with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to great effect - her style of melisma fits perfectly with the instruments to give choral-type works with sometimes ecclesiastical, sometimes Celtic, sometimes tribal sounds. Interesting, this album will have you tingling and itching to get the second one... "Adiemus"
"Cantus Inaequalis"
"Cantus Insolitus"
"In Caelum Fero"
"Amate Adea"

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Cantata Mundi

Adiemus II -
Cantata Mundi
14 tracks this time and much more of an epic. This album is more of a Classical work than before, starting with a 9-minute movement, followed by a short 2-minute chorale, then a long more Orchestral piece. It focuses well upon the instruments, and this time we get a heavy dose of the Orchestra in its entirety - strings, brass, woodwind, ethnic percussion, the lot. It's much more symphonic, and the longer movements allow the starting musical ideas to be developed throughout each piece to a grand conclusion. The chorales give short interludes between the main pieces, and work well in doing this without losing any of the ethos put forward by the rest of the music. The first three samples here are of the longer pieces.

Thanks to Noah Grey for permission to use these samples.
Cantus - "Song of Tears"
Cantus - "Song of the Spirit"
Cantus - "Song of Aeolus"

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